Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores

 Any company, professional or business entity, including government officials, community-based media and not for profits, located in the Bellmores shall be eligible for membership in the Chamber. "Located in the Bellmores” is considered as having an actual physical location (commercial building, home or any other location where a business may legally operate) within the zip code or school districts of Bellmore or North Bellmore. All applications are subject to verification and acceptable by the Chamber.

an on-line form is available on the tab labeled JOIN THE CHAMBER

Applicants must be able to supply two of these five forms of business identification upon request:
- Form 1120,1120S or 1065
- IRS EIN Acknowledgement letter
- Business Certificate
- Schedule C
- Business check or bank statement

Full details of membership levels, status and benefits are available in the Chamber's By-laws.  Please contact the Chamber office for any other information or questions.

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