Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores

Mission Statement

The Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores, located in the Unincorporated Village of Bellmore, represents business, both large and small. The purpose of the Chamber is to promote the education, success and prosperity of its members, to address the problems and concerns with running a business, to create a voice loud enough to be heard in the world of government decision-making, to foster business interests and community responsibility in your adults and to support each other in the best way possible. And to do all those acts for the business community in Bellmore and North Bellmore (the Bellmores) permitted under the Purpose Clause of its Certificate of Incorporation previously files with the Secretary of the State of New York and any future amendments thereto.

All businesses located in the 11710 postal or tax zones in the Bellmores are welcome to apply for membership.  We generally meet the evening of the third Wednesday of the month.

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